Scubanite Catnip

Green Glow from Planet Meow
Green Glow from Planet Meow

Scubanite blend of catnip is from another world. One look at where this Nepeta Cataria

plant chooses to grow and you too will believe that Scubanite is not of this planet. Scubanite Catnip will make your cat see spaceships and flying mice when they taste Scubanite, our premium and most potent blend of catnip.

Nepeta Cataria, this catnip is organically grown and pesticide free. This exclusive blend is handpicked for perfection then air dried sealing in the nepetalactone oil, the natural catnip oil that drives cats wild. The leaves and flowers are then gently taken off the Scubanite05branches carefully so that the leaves stay whole and do not break. As fresh as if it was just taken off of the plant from planet meow. It does not get any fresher then this!

We’ve said it before but it’s worth mentioning again and again most (if not all) store brand catnips are milled. This means that the catnip is put through a machine, stems and all, and are crunched up. This catnip comes out looking like sawdust. Once the leaves and flowers are crushed they begin to lose their potency due to the nepetalactone oil being released upon the breaking and crushing. You can still use milled catnip and it can still be “fresh” however, most store bought catnip has been sitting around for awhile therefore, it is not fresh.Scubanite02

Whole leaf and flower catnip will stay fresher much longer then store bought catnip. Our catnip will last up to three years if stored in a cool, dry and sealed environment. When kitty is ready for it just crush a little to release the latent catnip oils and there you go, potent and fresh as if I had just been dried it.

Currently, our catnip comes in a resealable bag containing 4 grams of catnip. Yes, it is light on weight but don’t let that fool you. This stuff might be light on weight but it’s extremely potent. You only need to give your cat about two leaves or a leaf and a flower to get the same results as you would from regular catnip. Each bag has roughly 20 servings.