Cats On Catnip

What drives cats wild? Catnip, scientifically known as Nepete Cataria is the herb that will send your cat to the wild side. Scientist believe that the name “Nepeta” originates from a town in Italy called Nepete. The second part of the name “Cataria” probably comes from the Latin word for cat. Consequently, the Nepeta Cataria plant (where catnip comes from) secretes an oil from within its leaves and stems called Nepetalactone. As a result, cats on catnip is what drives them wild.

Catnip Oil: Nepetalactone

Your cat is peacefully sitting on the couch when he catches a scent. What kind of scent can turn a sleeping cat into a psycho kitty? The kind of scent that comes when Nepetalactone oil is activated. When you rub catnip between your fingers the oil becomes alive. Suddenly, you cat wakes to the aroma of that kitty drug scientifically known as Nepetalactone. Therefore, the alluring chemical composition in the Nepeta Cataria plant is what cats can’t resist.

The Catnip Plant

Meet the catnip plant.

Have toothed, heart shaped leafs
Have toothed, heart shaped leafs

Botanical Classification:

Family:  Lamiaceae

Genus:  Nepeta

Species:  Cataria

The catnip plan has over 200 species. So what is it about this plant that drives cats wild? What can take your kitty from its restful state to “kitty happiness” or even “psycho kitty”? It’s the chemical substances nepetalactone, which is the active ingredient from the leaves and stems of the catnip plant. Properly sealed, this oil remains hidden within dried catnip. The oil comes alive when you rub it between your fingers or when it is crushed. Our catnip here at Crack For Kitty is perfectly dried to seal in the nepetalactone oil. This oil is only released upon rubbing or crushing resulting in catnip that stays fresh longer. Only the best for our kitties means only the best for your kitties.