Cats Just Want To Have Fun

Bengal Cats playing with selmade ToyJust like little human children, cats love to play. Actually, it does not matter if your kitty is a kitten or a adult, they love to play just the same. And just like little children, cats get excited when you get them a new toy to play with. If you’ve been down the cat aisle at the pet store lately you probably discovered a whole aisle (or more) dedicated just to cat toys. The cat toy aisle is every cats dream come true! What a joy a kitty would have running up and down this section of the pet store. From traditional catnip mice to fancy electronic laser pointers and everything in between can now be found at a pet toy store near you. However, depending on which toy you are looking to buy, some can get really expensive. Do you have to decide between food and entertainment for your kitty? Remember, cat just want to have fun.

Now granted, not every toy in the cat toy aisle cost “an arm and a leg” or is going to set you back financially however, you want to be able to see the joy and glee in your kitties eyes every time you get them a new toy, don’t you? Instead of buying new toys for your kitty try making your own. Cats don’t care what you paid (or even if your paid at all) for the toy. Cats just want to know that you care enough to think about them. In fact, most cats seem very happy playing with something that you would consider a piece of garbage such as used foil or a bottle cap. However, as with any toy, just be sure that you supervise your kitty’s playtime so that they don’t get into something that would hurt them. Making and/or finding your own cat toys can save you lots of money especially since the toys you buy at the store never last very long anyways. Cats just want to have fun!